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Angel's Do Exist!

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"Kitty-cat, Kitty-cat"…
by: Shirley Dolitz

That was what I thought I heard while lying in bed one morning. It was a sunny October morning in 1985..."Kitty-cat, Kitty cat"…I heard it again! I was sure that was what I heard…in a whisper coming from my son CJ’s nursery. His little nursery was actually a small little room adjoined to my bedroom. When the morning sun shown in through the tiny window the whole room lit up in warmth. I had it decorated with little sleepy time teddy bears. I was tiptoeing closer too the nursery doorway. The door was one of those BI-fold open slit doors. I always left the door open at night so I can hear if he stirred at night. CJ…that’s what I called him…short for Curtis Jr. I stood outside his door. "Kitty-cat, Kitty-cat"… whispering came from his room again… What could that be? I thought. He’s only 6 and 1/2 months old…it couldn’t be him… I peeked in around the corner. CJ was sitting up in his crib. "Kitty-cat, Kitty-cat" his little lips were moving! I couldn’t believe my ears! I had to stand there longer just to make sure. "Kitty-cat, Kitty-cat!" I stepped in closer; the floorboard creaked and gave away my hiding spot. He turned and saw me and screeched excitedly. He pulled himself up using his crib rail and giggled. I reached in and picked him up and hugged and kissed him. I smoothed his blonde hair and looked into his big blue eyes and said "Silly baby boy! I thought first words were supposed to be momma or dadda?" "No-one is going to believe me! "

We used to sit in the living room on the floor... he and I. I would sit cross-legged and plop him right in the middle of my lap. I had this child’s book with hard thick shinny pages filled with photos of all sorts of kittens playing. Every day, we’d sit there, usually after he ate. I would point to the kittens and say "ooh…look at that kitty-cat! And look at that kitty-cat" There were so many silly kittens. He’d put his hand on the kittens pictures and screeched with excitement all the while I was pointing to them and saying "ooh...look at that kitty-cat!"

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