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Angel's Do Exist!

I guess angels DO exist!! They come in all shapes and forms...

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Angel's DO EXIST!!

One day I was visiting my mom and she said, "you know, you should get a cat"... she said "I have a cat and she makes me happy". I told her my landlord didn't allow cats. I said, "besides...If I could ever have a cat, I'd want something small that always looked like a kitten, and there is no such cat. I'd also like a cat that is talkative (like Siamese cats) but I don't want a Siamese. I'd want something different."

A few days later, I was visiting her again and we heard this meowing outside. She went out to investigate and came back in with a little brown gray and black striped, spotted cat with a white chest and white paws and a little pink nose. Poor little thing couldn't have been more than 6 months old. She looked scared and hungry. I gave her some food and she gobbled it up. She seemed to like me right away and cuddled in my lap and started to purr. My heart melted.. I couldn't help but fall in love with this cute little kitty cat.


The next day, my mom and I took her to the vets to get her checked out. When I asked how old she was, I was surprised when they said she was at least 4 years old. I decided I couldn't let her go...I didn't care...I had to keep her, I'd figure something out with my landlord. I held her in my arms, looked into her eyes and said, "well little one if you're going to be living with me, we've got to come up with a name for you. So, what could your name be?" She looked up at me in the eyes and meowed, just then the name Gabrielle popped into my head. And I thought, how little guardian angel kitty. I thought back to CJ...and his first words were "kitty cat" and I couldn't help but think he was sending me a message... "Come on mommy... you can do this!"

I guess angels do exist...they come in all shapes and forms. Sometimes they meow.

These are pictures of a mural I painted in memory of all the innocent victims. This mural is in the Civic Center Garage in Rochester NY. I painted it free hand with plain white indoor/outdoor paint, I asked all my friends to save me all their old empty jars and I just mixed my own colors with some tints I bought at an art store. I painted it prior to learning how to airbrush and just kinda "winged it". I sometimes think I would like to re-do it with an airbrush style, but I've been told I should leave it the way it is for the feeling of it.





My hero's at Roswell Park Cancer Institute

My Name is Shirley Dolitz and this is a true story of my life. I still have cancer and have not been able to get it into remission yet. I am currently undergoing chemo again and I believe I have the greatest doctor there is: Myron Czuczman @ Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

There has not been a day since CJ's death that I have not thought of him or Dylan. If I could, I would give my life to bring them back but I can't and have to somehow believe things happen for a reason and here's why:
If CJ had not died, I would not have helped so many people:

I met this young mother who's liitle girl Sunshine was murdered not long before CJ and when I met her it was the first time I felt like I was not alone, so in 1990, when I read about a little boy and his baby sitter who were murdered in a nearby town, I knew I had to contact the young mother She reminded me of how it was when CJ died and how it felt to actually speak to someone else who's child had been murdered. Her infant son (who's name was also Curtis) was found murdered along with his babysitter. They were found in the woods. It was later discovered that the babysitter's ex-boyfriend lurred them into the woods and stabbed them to death. I wrote her a letter. In the letter I told her that she would have many friends and family that would tell her how they felt for her and knew what she was going through... (bla bla bla) They'd tell her things like "Oh he's in a much better place" etc...I told her they would say these things because they thought they were helping but they don't realize how much things like that really hurt. I told her that even though I did not know what SHE was going through, I can understand because and then I told her what happened to me. I gave her all my numbers and told her she could contact me anytime day or night even if it was to scream, yell, cry, vent what ever!... She called me the next day and said she didn't want to live anymore...I met with her right away and we got through it, she helped me too... I never knew another person to loose their child like that. I also had another life saver, her name is Carol Mulhern. She worked for the Monroe County DA's office and she was there for me day/night whenever even just to give me a hug...she saw how Sunshine's mom and I connected and decieded to start a support group... that's how we learned about lobbying for bills and laws etc.

Anyway...People often tell me they are sad for me with everything I've gone through and am going through, but I actually feel lucky... I may not have alot of money, but I feel so rich that I was blessed with being given the honor of being the mother of 2 very special and beautiful little boys...I am also rich with family and friends... I have the best family in the world and you can't buy true friends and I believe I have both. I have met so many wonderful people in this life journey and hope to keep on meeting more. But, no matter what happens, I will keep on fighting now with my little guardian angel kitty by my side.

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